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Enterprise Mail Distribution Server

  • Server can be setup as Mail Server for managing your local as well as Internet mail. No need to spend money on expensive software like MS Exchange or Lotus Notes and Commercial Anti-Virus Software.
  • No Restrictions on Number of users, No further licensing cost.
  • Single point of delivery for exchanging mail between all pc’s on your network.
  • Convenience of sending and receiving internet mails at will.
  • Scheduled mail sending and receiving is possible.
  • Individual users On LAN can use Mail without Internet Access.
  • Fetching mail from remote mail server, and distributing locally via Enterprise mail server also possible.
  • Mail for local users will be distributed locally, instead of routing through remote internet server.
  • All Incoming and outgoing mails will be scan for virus as well as spam through antivirus and anti spam solution.
  • For effective Anti-Spam automatic Regular database updates from Distribution Content Clearinghouse (DCC), Razor and Pyzor servers.
  • Automatic updates for Antivirus Server’s virus signature/definitions files.

Web mail Features for Enterprise Mail Server Users

  • Standard folders of Inbox, Sent, Draft and Deleted.
  • Creation of new folders and organize them. Preference setting.
  • Massage sorting on date, sender and subjects. Own address book.
  • Standard composing mail options with pickup from address book.
  • Attachments cc and bcc.
  • Search on Address book.

Proxy Server with Firewall

  • Internet access control based on.
  • IP/Nodes/terminal/time or any other rules. Filtering Internet traffic.
  • Effective firewall to restrict unauthorized access to your network.

Backup SES Server

  • Complete Backup of System configuration files.
  • All Users mail will be backup on daily basis.


What is SES (Systron Enterprise Server?)

SES is Full fledged Internet Gateway Server that handles distribution of cleaned and disinfected mails with no need to give users Internet Access but with for Internet access offers built-in Proxy Server along with Powerful Firewall to prevent security to your Intranet from unscrupulous intrusion and attack to your network.

Why an Organization needs SES?

Reasons for deploying SES is multiple according to one’s organizations policies.

  • All major organization/corporate uses Email as a communication tool, but they face issues of Spam and Virus spreading through email. SES Offers protection to organizations Intranets against the Spam and Virus onslaught.
  • But Few prefers SES for reason of giving Internet email ID`s to all the systems/users on there Intranet but without giving Internet Access, Even If Internet is needed It can be allowed and monitored according to need, Thus preventing precious time and money spent on Internet by restricting Internet access without stopping Email Use, which is essential nowadays.
  • After spreading of Internet usage its risks also increased many fold, As soon as you are on Internet, You have public IP address, So you are visible to everyone worldwide on Internet, Some miscreants as a hobby or mischief will try to enter your network and may try to compromise your systems or hijack your data, So to prevent such unscrupulous intrusions You need a powerful Firewall that blocks all unwanted ports and allows to access to allowed ports after due authentication.
  • As the SES has complete built-in MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), Mails between Local Users are routed locally, thus saves lot of Internet bandwidth, hence of lot of cost and time saving for long term.
  • As SES Comes built-in with 2 absolutely FREE Anti-Virus Engines with Automatic Daily Virus definition database update FREE, so lots of cost saving on long-term against many commercial Anti-Virus have yearly recurring cost involved.
  • We offer POP3/IMAP4 as well as Webmail client Support, So organizations can save on Internet access clients, though some are free but many are commercial.

How SES could be up to date against New Spam, Virus and Attack?

The Beauty of SES is it automatically nightly updates

  • Its Own Applications and software’s directly from repository, as always latest patches and tested updates are made available in repository.
  • Anti Spam Data base is also daily updated from world wide DCC, RAZOR and PyZOR Servers.
  • Anti Virus Definitions files are also daily automatically updated.

So No headaches to System Administrators for updates of mailing Server when SES is there.

How easy is to administer SES for adding user etc.?

The Administration is simple as its purely web-based and user-friendly, Even no prior knowledge of Linux is desired while handling SES.

How much time it requires to fully commission SES?

After the Server with Proper Internet connectivity is provided on site, It takes 10 to 15 days to fully test and commission SES.

Systron Enterprise Server

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