Cloud Data Backup Options Corporate should Consider Now

All the corporate are now have piled up with huge data and more data, securing it is a big challenge. Small old book solutions are now not enough to ensure safety and business continuity. Whereas Cloud backup solutions lend themselves well to storing the unimaginably huge amounts of data that big enterprises needs to secure.

By considering the following options, Corporate can start determining the best way to store and reliably recover their critical data, there lifeline for the business:

Private Data Center Infrastructure:

Corporations that have a huge information to back up will rely little bit on local storage as a primary backup target.  Best practice for storing large amounts (TBs) of backup data has been a Purpose Built Backup Appliance, or PBBA for short.  But PBBA’s have their shortcomings, one of which is a lack of Global De-duplication.  For remote office support and to support multiple data centers or multiple locations, multiple PBBA’s are required.  This is a costly and complex environment to manage and not sought after option.

But there is an alternative.  New next generation backup servers offer built-in global de-duplication and do not require a PBBA.  They can efficiently store and dedupe backup data from multiple locations for the best storage efficiency.  They may also offer source-side dedupe; thereby, reducing the amount of data that must travel from the source node over the network to the backup server. For the most advanced backup designed to manage very large backup loads, look for a modern data protection solution that offers global, source-side de-duplication.

The Public Cloud, The Winer:

When it comes to scalable solutions, there’s not much that can touch public clouds. We as a Public cloud provider have space to spare, and rent it out in volume. So for enterprises that need to expand the amount of data they’re backing up due to a particularly good quarter, it’s generally a matter of paying small subscription fees.

That’s the beauty of a hybrid cloud backup solution.  Hybrid cloud deployments—in which an internally owned cloud infrastructure communicates directly with the public cloud—can remedy some of the concerns surrounding scalability. Sophisticated hybrid deployments can allow the private cloud to use a public cloud as a target for long-term backup retention. We strongly recommend corporations to consider our Cloud backup solutions for backing up your various devices, Simply from Desktop, Dedicated Servers , Mobile Devices to SQL Servers and Mail Servers.  for more information get in touch with one of the sales rep on email :