Why you choose Systron Micronix for Dedicated server hosting?

Nowadays, all type of businesses have a wide variety of options for hosting their either websites, mail servers, File Servers or web applications. It is the requirement of every business entity to have more powerful servers, more control over its hosting. This has greatly contributed in making dedicated server hosting the most preferred choice. With dedicated server hosting, you can rent a server from the us of your choice, which gives you the full accessibility to server resources. Based on the survey Our Customers have suggested following factor they assessed in choosing dedicated server from us.

Server Hardware:

Customers who ordered Dedicated servers from us choosen us owing to this important factor, as We offer Branded servers with enterprise–grade components like Processor, Memory, HDDs and/or SSDs. Our Branded servers are from top of the line vendors including HP, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens and Super Micro. You will get the best in class processor, CPU speed, amount of RAM, and HDD/SSD with all of the dedicated servers. We also offer 4 hours hardware replacement guarantee for any effected part of your server including full replacement of Dedicated server if the damage is severe and could take time.


The server’s network bandwidth means the quantity of data that can be moved from and to the website in a certain period of time. Nowadays websites that serve great number of visitors require higher bandwidth, higher bandwidth is only possible If you have plenty of bandwidth from upstream. a large bandwidth capacity is needed in the event the user intends to stream media files on the website, high quality images, or database. We have 550 Gbp/s Upstream bandwidth to serve your servers bandwidth needs flawlessly and smoothly.

OS, Control Panels and Software:

We offer all major OS including CentOS6, CentOS7, Debian8, Ubuntu 14.04LTS, Ubuntu 16.04LTS, FreeBSD 10.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, Windows Server 2016 R2 standard with different type of servers.

Generally, Plesk ( Now renamed as ODIN) with Both Windows & Linux or cPanel (Linux/Unix only) are considered as the most ideal Control Panels. We offers all this Control panels.

Extra software such as 1-click software installer (Softaculous) with cPanel and Plesk builtin Application installer can install several applications including WordPress, Drupal, Magneto etc.

Managed and non-managed hosting support:

As the user, you have to make up your decision as to whether to go for the managed or the unmanaged hosting based on your OS admin knowledge and experience. Concerning the managed hosting package, We takes up the responsibility of offering support for problems or any issue with related to OS or related Application like Web Server, Mail Server, Database server. You may not get any support once it gets to issues such as coding problems or related to any third party addons or plugins. However, the operating system, server setup, control panel in addition to all other pre-installed applications are supported, in other words, it is Managed. Managed hosting involves less work on the side of the user and needs little expertise. In case anything goes awry, You can always get in touch to resolve any emerging problems.

On the other side, there is no routine support offered in the case of unmanaged hosting. We simply offers services such as replacement of failed components and rebooting of server, Updating any PTR records. We does not provide support software or install anything for the you. It is therefore up to you to maintain and control the server. You have to install security patches related to your server’s infrastructure. Although under unmanaged hosting, you enjoys sole access, as well as, total freedom, simply as the servers were yours. Besides, it is relatively cheaper, so for those conversant with their OS, it turns out to be the best deal, but lots of headache when you don’t have an in-house systems team.

Server Backup Options:

We offer three type of backup options to choose from based on your requirement. We offer CDP backup, Dropsuite Server and Email backup And Acronis Cloud Backup. Apart from this you can setup a simple backup If you using Plesk or cPanel.


If you have less budget and your website is too less and needs fever resources you can opt for VPS Server or Linux Shared Hosting or  Windows Shared Hosting.