Best-in-Class Email Backup System Offered by Systron Micronix

How Data Security Works?

Hackers and other bad guys want access to email data. To stop the bad guys getting in, you must have an email backup, storage and retrieval system that uses ultra-secure technology.

Look for AES-256 bit military-grade encryption coupled with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your data in transit and at rest. Nothing less will do.

we use Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as our backbone apart from our Own dedicated servers, we further enhance our security with AWS S3’s DDOS mitigation technics such as SYN cookies and connection limiting protection. AWS S3 also provides data availability of up to 99.999999999% of the time.

Keeping data secure using these methods is the best way to ensure sensitive data stays secure.

How Email Backup Helps You?

Business continuity

How much revenue would be lost if you or your customer’s email system went down for a day? What about two days? What about a week? With the ever increasing email volume and storage needs there can be frequent server crashes and email server downtimes.

With a backup or archiving solution, an organization can continue to access its complete message record even when its mail servers or local data systems become unavailable.

Avoiding Hacking and Hosting failure

  • The statistics are alarming, 1 in 5 email accounts get hacked
  • 540 million email accounts get hacked every year
  • 62% of owners of hacked accounts are unaware they were compromised
  • In April ’12, an estimated 33.2 million Gmail users suffered email outage

Features of Email Backup System

  • Must provide automated incremental email backup & archiving (we’re human, we sometimes forget to do the backup!)
  • Should use a central point of management (through an easy-to-use admin panel)
  • Provides simple and easy download, restore & migration of emails with a single click (typically the need to backup is stressful, take the hassle and worry away with simple single click migration)
  • Should offer secure, end-to-end 256 bit AES encryption (security is mission-critical, this is military-grade encryption to ensure sensitive data stays safe)
  • Ideal for compliance and disaster recovery (compliance is an often-overlooked aspect of email backup, right up to when lawyers call)
  • Include an Admin panel and multiple user access manager (simplify the administration of email backup to save time and money)
  • Needs to be viewable from any device and any location (24/7/365 access from anywhere is key to quickly backing up and restoring email data)
  • Enables advance search, eDiscovery, and alert creations (critical for finding information, and staying alert of any changes in the backup process)
  • Offers unlimited storage & data retention (email data sizes can be huge, keep all emails safe and secure no matter how much storage is needed)

How Email Storage Management Works?

As the volume of email messages continues to increase, a backup and archiving solution lets organizations reduce message storage from their corporate servers. This reduction in stored messages helps to ensure that server performance is maintained, minimizes storage costs, and greatly simplifies restore operations in the event of a server failure.

By providing an email storage management solution, the IT department will be able to provide archives that can easily be searched through a web browser.

One important point is to offer a highly scale-able service and allow IT to add new users at will.

The biggest cost and resource savings in email storage management is on the workload of email servers, which by offloading files can improve performance. Reduction in IT support resource costs are enabled because individual users can access their own archive and search and restore any email document they need, without contacting support.

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