SSL validity change to one year only

An industry-wide requirement set by Apple and Google, stating that any two-year SSL certificate issued after August 30, 2020, will be distrusted in their browsers.

That’s right: 398 days is the maximum length for a publicly issued server cert. If it’s longer, browsers and other HTTPS code will reject the cert as invalid.

Beginning UTC 12.00 am August 19, 2020, Sectigo will only be issuing one-year (up to 398 days) SSL certificates. And Digicert is highly doing the same at the end of August. Kindly note that this only applies to public TLS certificates. Other types of certificates (e.g. Code Signing Certificates, S/MIME certificates, etc.) will be unaffected and will have the same maximum validity that they have today.

However, any two-year SSL certificate issued before 12:00 am UTC on August 19, 2020, will be valid for two-years (up to 825 days).

Therefore we recommend you renew the certificate and top your certificate validity before the deadline, save time, and trouble for you to go through the validation process next year (especially for OV&EV certificate).

WordPress Parameter Resource Consumption Remote DoS attack (CVE-2018-6389 )

WordPress Parameter Resource Consumption Remote DoS attack (CVE-2018-6389 )

A zero-day vulnerability in WordPress core was disclosed, which allows an attacker to perform a denial of service (DoS) attack against a vulnerable application. The vulnerability exists in the modules used to load JS and CSS files. These modules were designed to decrease page-loading time, but have effectively rendered the WordPress core susceptible to DoS attacks.

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Why Virtual Dedicated Server hosting gaining Popularity ?

Why you choose Systron Micronix for Dedicated server hosting?

Virtual servers made a noise, but IT industry’s advancement doesn’t have any intention. Not everyone is satisfied with the rigidity of servers or the insecurity of sharing hosting. The search for stable and more secure hosting alternatives resulted in another innovation – dedicated servers hosting service. Based on Hyper Visor technologies, VDS provides a dedicated OS to each server, allowing flexibility and the control they need to companies of medium and small sizes. This excludes hosting like degree of security’s weaknesses. The VDS technology can be new, but it’s gaining popularity extremely fast. VDS and VPS appear to be the same – almost, but not entirely – the difference between them being in the OS they use.

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