Which dedicated server is the best for you?

There are several variant of dedicated server available with us and as per your requirements, you should choose a dedicated server setup accordingly.

  • Basic Dedicated Server 

If a client has outgrown from a shared or reseller or VPS hosting account then normally he requires a dedicated server with his basic requirements. In this case client do not require much RAM, Hard Disk and basic Operating System installed on the dedicated server. Their main aim to upgrade to a Dedicated server is to improve the website response time. AMD Servers upto 32 GB RAM are available with us.

  • High-end Dedicated Server

This probably is the next stage of a basic dedicated server hosting package where a client is expecting a good performance of the server as he has understood that his requirements are on a rise now which is then followed by a Quad-Core Configuration. However, different clients have different requirements and setup of the dedicated servers as per their selection is important. In fact, at times there are many pre-requisites that a web server hosting company should take care of. Systron Offers Intel Dedicated Servers with 64 GB Of memory. If you want higher configuration contact sales@systron.net, Servers with memory up to 256 GB RAM can be provisioned within 24 hours of order.

  • Bandwidth Dedicated Server 

This server is required when a client needs to run live Audio/video streaming websites such as you-tube. He will not only need a high-specs server configuration, but also a good amount bandwidth which ranges from basic standard metered bandwidth per month to un-metered bandwidth of 100Mbps or 1Gbps Un-metered Bandwidth because the requirement of Data Transfer is high on these kinds of websites and it should be able to download or upload on the server as fast as possible. Systron offers 10GBps to 100 Gbps Ports for such type of hosting.

  • Database Dedicated Server 

Those who run Databases such as MySQL or MariaDB or PostgreSQL or MS SQL on a dedicated server are known as Database Dedicated Server Hosting. To host database server you will require more resources and higher-end server configurations in order to completely manage dedicated servers. Systron offers various specs according to your need, contact sales@systron.net.

  • Application Dedicated Server

The servers which are utilized to host Applications are known as Application Dedicated Web Servers. The client can host all kinds of legal applications such as live chat software, Flash tutorials, Media file installations, PHP Applications, .NET Applications, Node.js and other frameworks works well with such dedicated servers

  • Server Mirroring Dedicated Server

Many clients require their data mirrored to another server. This is because they do not wish to lose any data at any point in time. Servers are synchronized in order to transfer data from one server to another. RAID Configurations are set up on the same theme as dedicated Server mirroring. The only main difference is that RAID mirrors/strips on Hard Disks and Server Mirroring is the Server concept.

  • Email Hosting Dedicated Server

For securely hosting all your emails on your own dedicated server, you should order a dedicated server preferably with Plesk panel. Systron Technical support will help you set up, SPF records, DKIM and DMARC.  Apart from it bundling this solution with  Spam Filtering and Email Continuity solution would give you robust results.