Google and Microsoft Cloud Solutions Compared

Microsoft 365

Many PC users will already be familiar with many applications from the Microsoft 365 suite. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are some of the most well-known programs in the world and are part of the standard equipment in many offices. Microsoft 365 enables software solutions to be used in the cloud. This simplifies working on the go and transforms traditional office applications into modern collaboration tools.

Advantages Disadvantages
✓   Popular Office applications X   Complex licensing system
✓   Cloud and desktop solutions X  
✓   Extensive opportunities for collaboration X  
✓   Cloud storage included X  

Google Workspace

Google has been offering more than just its search engine for a while now. Office solutions were also part of its product portfolio relatively early on. Back then, Google was actually one of the first to offer spreadsheets, word processing, and the ability to create presentations via a web application in the browser. By integrating Gmail and Google Drive, the individual programs in the meantime, it has grown into a comprehensive suite that is completely in the cloud.

Advantages Disadvantages
✓   Device-independent operation X   No desktop version
✓   Professional email domain included in Gmail X  
✓   Extensive opportunities for collaboration X  
✓   Cloud storage included X  

Google and Microsoft cloud solutions compared

With the productivity software Google Workspace, Google is targeting the business segment – a declaration of war to market leader Microsoft and their competitor product Microsoft 365.

App feature Microsoft 365 Google Workspace
Word processing Microsoft Word Google Docs
Spreadsheet calculation Microsoft Excel Google Sheets
Presentations Microsoft PowerPoint Google Slides
Email Microsoft Outlook Gmail
Digital notepad Microsoft One Note Google Keep
Web hosting Microsoft Sharepoint Google Sites
Video conferencing Skype for Business Google Meet
Instant messaging service, group chats Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Google Chat
Chat-based workspace Microsoft Teams Google Chat
Social Media for companies Yammer Google Currents
Office applications as web apps Yes Yes
Offline operation possible Yes Yes
Cloud storage & file sharing Microsoft 365 Google Workspace
Storage capacity per user license 1 TB Depending on the plan 30 GB, 1 TB, 5 TB or unlimited
Synchronization Yes Yes
Versioning Yes  
File sharing via link including expiration date Yes Yes
Search function Yes NLP supported
Collaboration Microsoft 365 Google Workspace
Business suitable appointment and contact management Yes Yes
Joint editing of texts, tables, and presentations Yes Yes
Video calling Yes Yes
Instant messaging Yes Yes
Group chats Yes Yes
Video conferencing Yes Yes
Internal company websites/Intranet Yes Yes
Social Media for companies Yes Yes
Email Microsoft 365 Google Workspace
Ad free Yes Yes
Includes your own email domain No Yes
Mobile app Yes Yes
Desktop mail client included Depends on plan No
Email aliases Yes Yes
Groups/Email distributors Yes Yes
Security & data security Microsoft 365 Google Workspace
Data encryption Yes Yes
ISO /IEC 27001 (Information security) Yes Yes
ISO /IEC 27017 (cloud security) Yes Yes
ISO 27018 (cloud privacy) Yes Yes
SOC 1 Yes No
SOC 2 Yes Yes
SOC 3 Yes Yes
FedRAMP Yes Yes
PCI DSS (security standard for credit card transactions) Yes Yes
HIPAA BAA Yes Not all applications
Support & availability Microsoft 365 Google Workspace
High availability 99.9 % 99.9 %
24/7 support Yes Yes
Telephone Yes Yes
Chat/Email Yes Yes