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Enterprise Server | Business File Sharing System | E-commerce | Content Management System

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Todays Business Demands Speed in Movement of Important Business Documents with Ease and Accountability, Keeping in mind the Specific Need of the Corporate World, Systron Micronix (systron.net) developed a Hosted Application called BFS (Stands For Business File Sharing System)

BFS Is Useful For

  • Large Corporate
  • Medium Corporate
  • Small Business
  • Professionals
    • Lawyers
    • Architects
    • Chartered Accountant
  • Newspapers
  • Ad Agencies
  • Credit Rating Companies
  • Software Developers
  • Medical Transcriptions
  • BPO/Offshore Developers
  • Share Brokers
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Research Organizations


  • Supports Multiple File Download/Upload.
  • Supports ZIP Files Download minimizing download time saving on time and bandwidth.
  • User Management Facilities.
  • Upload/Download Reports for Users.
  • User based sorting for files.
  • Single uploaded files can be sent to multiple users.
  • Password change facilities for Individual Users.
  • Trash/Files Recovery system.
  • File Manager for Admin to control all the file movement by Users.
  • Progress Bar Displays for showing the file upload status.
  • Notifications to users via mail on Receiving New Files.
  • Activating/Deactivating Notifications.
  • Users can be suspended access without deleting there content.
  • For every user upload privileges can be set.
  • Non-registered users can be Invited to upload files to BFS Users.


What Is BFS?

BFS – Business Files Sharing is hosted solution for moving important business files across location securely maintaining online records of movement.

Why BFS? I can Send Files as attachment in email

Ok, You can always send your files using Email, But Your Sending Protocol (SMTP) and Recipients Receiving protocol (POP3/IMAP4) has difficulty handling larger files, Where is BFS uses Built-in FTP features in HTTP/1.1, The most updated, researched, reliable and highly used protocol nowadays for All Web contents. Apart from the protocol, Many times when a larger file is sent, If recipient’s mailbox quota has less limit or quota is full than the email will bounce, flooding your own mailbox, results in recipient not able to receive file at all.

Is BFS is for me?

Right from Small Business Offices to Larger Corporate needs movement of important documents across offices located geographically across globe. Its extremely useful tool for Newspapers, Medical transcription companies, BPO, Offshore developers, Share Brokers, Mortgage Companies, Credit Rating Companies and Software Developers as well. Even Professionals like Lawyers, Architects, Designers and Authors etc. can use BFS effectively.

How BFS could be useful to me?

As the system is purely Admin Controlled and properly stats are recorded both for Upload and download, a level of responsibility can be fixed, With Admin can move all files across users, Also Admin can restrict upload privileges apart from suspending any user temporarily. Never deal with FTP, VPN or IT issues again. Using BFS unique features your enterprise can attain high level of efficiency as all transaction of files across users carried out in proper recorded manner.

Do I have to download any software to use BFS?

BFS is a web-based application; therefore, no client software is needed.


No. of Users2550100500
Data Transfer5 GB10 GB25 GB200 GB
Space250 MB500 MB2 GB80 GB
Pricing22,000/- P.A28,000/- P.A38,000/- P.A1,44,000/- P.A


OverageExtra SpacePrice
I50 MB Per Month500/- Per Month
II100 MB Per Month800/- Per Month


Data TransferOveragePrice
I1 GB Per Month500/- Per Month
business file sharing system

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