E – Learning

“Reach your students in all the Digital Environments they live in – inspire them with innovative content experiences.”

Systron Micronix Pvt. Ltd. are designed to engage students with innovative content models, and empower the learning ecosystem by delivering technologies that unfetter educational opportunity. Inspire your students with innovative content experiences delivered through diverse digital environments.

Systron Micronix Pvt. Ltd. is a global company that has been around for Ten years and boasts a comprehensive and culturally diverse team of approximately 250 motivated associates – all collaborating to drive innovation in education.

From humble beginnings we have been able to garner recognition as an innovator in education, a large part of the credit goes to you – our customer partners.

A major driver in our quest for educational innovation is the firm belief that we hold in the power of education and that educational opportunity truly delivers a sea change in improving our social fabric. Technology and creative education levels access and promotes learning for people of varying backgrounds – both socially and from the perspective of learning styles.

Much of our success has roots in these basic principles and we continue to grow by embracing opportunities like social learning, Web 2.0, extended learning environments, educational gaming, and other creative educational formats. Our mLab group continues to experiment with media formats in education and by focusing on non-mandated social education we are proving new methods of learning.

We are humbled by the recognition and awards received and sincerely believe that we could learn a lot from the community to this end we encourage you to participate in our provocative forums on our various blogs, Facebook forums, and Twitter streams. We value your feedback and it provides direction for our innovation. To see a list of our forums please visit our “Perspectives”.

Our Vision

Our vision since then has been to harness the unmatched power of digital and mobile technology to make education more relevant to changing times. We are a leading global digital education solutions company with its focus firmly fixed on providing top-notch services. We train, educate and design workflow solutions for academic institutions, publishers, Fortune 500 companies and everyone in between.

Systron Micronix Pvt. Ltd. aspires to be known as the industry gold standard in digital education. Our aim is to be an ‘innovation’ partner to enterprises and institutions by creating knowledge, enabling delivery, and empowering access and usability with effective technology. Our goal is to champion new advancements and innovations in eLearning and make it accessible to a wider teaching and learning audience.

Our Commitment

At Systron Micronix, we are committed to delivering solutions tailored to your unique learning needs; solutions that are designed to be engaging while providing user-centric learning experiences.

Our understanding of the market has helped us in applying learning and technology to meet our partner’s business needs. Reliable, transparent and cost-effective solutions and faster turnaround time makes Systron Micronix a complete education partner.


  • Educational gaming.
  • Granular education that helps “future-proof” content.
  • Repurposing content for use in multiple touch-points.
  • Educational mobility
  • True flexibility with products.
  • Using technology that is engaging, familiar and comfortable.

What Systron brings to the table

  • 20,000 hrs of elearning experience.
  • Highly motivated and dedicated team.
  • Effective & personalized service.
  • Customer-centric.
  • 24/7 customer and technical support.


Systron Micronix has been forged upon principles and values that are core to the functioning of the firm. Our mantra is:

Integrity – Responsible, respectful and trustworthy toward all stakeholders, employees and clients.
Quality – Delivering services par excellence.
Mutuality – Symbiotic growth of employees, the company and the clients.
Commitment – To individual work, role and responsibilities.