WordPress best plugin for website security

  • Sucuri

Sucuri is the multi-functioned high profile security plugins which help you to notify the login attempts via email or other means. It helps to detect the malware or any malicious virus codes and clean it on time. It can be scheduled to check your entire website in hours, days or weeks. It provides complete security to WordPress blogs. This plugin usually includes all the security options so you do not have to install any other security plugin, also using too many plugins will slow down your website.

  • Login LockDown

This plugin is used to protect your website from brute force attacks. Brute force attacks usually attempt a thousand times to login to your dashboard using the different password combinations. Once they get the right one, they’ll take it all. Login LockDown

helps your website to limit the login attempts so that you can only login once, twice or thrice. You can set the number of login attempts to be made while logging in. It automatically blocks the IP which will try to fake login more than 2-3 times in the dashboard.

  • WP Security Scan

WP security scan is the free WordPress plugin easily available in the WordPress plugin directory. It helps the user to easily monitor the login attempts via email, password change notifications also helps to optimize the website data. It helps you to change the login form links and other secure area by changing their directory or names. It can be programmed to change the .htaccess and other secure files so that it cannot be shown publicly.

  • Wordfence

The Wordfence WordPress security plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware. It helps to scan the viruses and malware data in your wp directories and files. This is the most popular security plugin for WordPress. Wordfence starts by checking if your site is already infected or not. If it has been infected it scans it and clears all the complications in your blog. It is a free plugin and also has an open-source license. Its features usually include:

      • Blocking Features
      • Login Security
      • Security Scanning
      • WordPress Firewall
      • Monitoring & Caching
      • Compatibility
  • Akismet

Last but not the least plugin which is very very important for every blogging website. The attackers are inventing new techniques daily to hack the growing blogs. This is a web server based plugin for checking the spam comments on your blog. When any hacker post a spam comment on your blog, Akismet
will check and verify that whether it is infected or not. It automatically checks all comments and filters the spam one. Comment hacking was newly discovered in the hacking technique. If someone post that code in your blog and you saw it mistakenly, they will get the .htaccess of your website from which they can easily reveal the Username and Password of your wp-admin dashboard.

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Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Get Higher Rankings

There are many aspects to SEO and how it can improve the visibility of your site. Which one is why it can be confusing for some website owners on which to focus on when all aspects seem equally IMPORTANT.

It’s a good thing that a lot of WordPress plugin developers have created essential SEO plugins to help website owners with the challenge of creating search engine optimized sites. With these WP plugins, one need not be an SEO expert to ensure his website ranks as high as it can in search engines.

If you have a new website or have had a website for a while but haven’t installed any SEO plugins yet, then it’s time to consider choosing one and start your own SEO test for your site.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up the few best SEO plugins for WordPress and how they can improve your website’s overall SEO standing.

  • Yoast SEO

this plugin, you can assign keywords to a blog post so you can focus on using it throughout the entire content. There’s also a snippet view that shows how the post will look like in search results.

Another feature called Page Analysis makes sure all your focus keywords are in place, including your meta description, post title or subheadings and images.

Other features include the most advanced XML sitemaps

which you can enable by simply checking a box, RSS optimization to fight against other websites using your content and Breadcrumbs navigation for posts and pages.

For more detailed information on this plugin, you can read our detailed guide on Yoast SEO Plugin on their website.

  • All in One SEO Pack

This plugin also has over 1 million active users to date and a rating of 4.5/5 from 249 reviews.

Although its features are similar with Yoast, All in One SEO Pack claims to be the only plugin that integrates with WordPress E-commerce sites. Also, one of its unique features are automatically generating meta tags and optimizing titles for better search ranking.

The best thing about this WordPress SEO plugin is that there is little tweaking needed and it works as soon as it’s installed.

  • SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate has the basic SEO features covered but adds unique ones that are designed to keep SEO practices at the forefront of content creation. In addition to title tags and meta description editors, it has a long list of deep linking functions that includes putting a link in a draft that activates when it’s published.

Another user-centric feature is the Author Highlighter, which includes an author’s Google+ profile in search results.

  • Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO is a plugin that ensures content is optimized for both search engines and readers. It’s SEO for the average user with little to no SEO knowledge.

SEO advice is given in real-time while writing blog posts, with green indicators letting the writer know their SEO is covered. It also provides analytics for posts and pages on a weekly basis. If you don’t know the first thing about SEO but want to improve it for your site, this plugin will help you out.

  • Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack is a premium plugin but delivers a truckload of features that easily makes it worth paying for. One of its most notable features is that it can help you compress CSS and JS to help you improve your site’s load speeds. Other than this you also get rich snippet integration, video sitemap, and local SEO.

The plugin also packs in bulk optimization for your WordPress pages and posts to make things less time consuming and simple. The plugin also helps you to create an XML sitemap, show you stats from Google Analytics at the convenience of your dashboard, and also helps you to monitor and redirect all the 404 pages.

Social Network growth is also crucial in gauging your ranking on the search engine ladder. It, itself is also an imperative source for traffic, and luckily, Premium SEO Pack keeps tabs on the size and growth rate of your social network. You can also interlink your content, provide ALT tag to your images and use a built-in 301 redirect module to handle all the links on your website.

  • SEO WordPress

This is a rather simple WordPress plugin that stands out only for its Google Authorship and Google Analytics integration. In addition to that, most SEO features are found on this plugin, including keyword, title and meta optimization, XML sitemaps, Breadcrumbs, Google and Bing Webmaster Tools Verification.

More aimed towards the beginner, this plugin works out of the box without messing with the settings after installation.

  • Google Analytics WD

As it should be clear by now, with SEO, you are trying to Optimize your site for the Search engine rankings. And since most of the searches are carried out through Google, what would be a better tool than Google Analytics WD.

Google Analytics is a very popular tool that offers insights to your site’s traffic and thus helps you make “data-driven” decisions to help increase the traffic even further. Besides, when it comes to growing a business, tracking your visitors and monitoring the conversion RATE

is crucial in determining proper strategy. Now you might say that the features are very basic. But they are efficient, effective and best of all; the plugin is free.

Anyhow, options are not also that basic, and you do get incisive data in the form of pie charts and line graphs. You can also check different pieces of information from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard, like – outbound clicks, SEO performance, sales conversion, IP address tracking, etc. The plugin also shows you how much money is coming through Adsense and Adwords, and which one of your web pages is reeling in those dollars.

  • SEOPressor

This is a premium WordPress SEO plugin that covers every possible aspect of SEO and puts equal attention to all of it.

For starters, SEOPressor not only ensures that content is keyword-rich, but it also makes sure it shows at the right places and in the right frequency. It also has an “over-optimization” warning tool that limits your SEO tweaks so as not to violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Pricing for this plugin can either be a one-time payment of $47 for a single-site license or a $497 one-time fee and $5 per month plan, both for multi-site.

  •  Keyword Rank Tracker

tracks your keyword rank. It is a great way to check your SEO rank right from your WP dashboard. helps sites owner to track Google’s keywords position of pages in search results.

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